Some advertising companies don’t seem dependable, what makes you different?


PAST RECORD: Tower Publishing Inc has been publishing The Van Dyke Quarterly since 1996. We have NEVER missed an issue or mailed late.

MAIL RECEIPTS: We are always willing to provide a copy of our mail receipt (which is referred to as a ‘3602’) This shows when the magazines arrived at the post office and how many were mailed. Some advertising companies may tell you that they mail 20,000 or 50,000 or 70,000 addresses, but in reality they mail less.  You have no way of knowing for sure, unless you ask to see a copy of their 3602 mail receipt. As a paying customer, this is your right.

HOW THE PRODUCT IS DISTRIBUTED:  Postage can be up to 70% less if the product you’re advertising in is inserted inside something else, but your exposure to the end user is lessened as well… since many times the ‘grocery wrap’ will go right from the mail box to the garbage can!  And be careful of paying for an ad in a product that is just left in piles at drop off points. There is no control over how many actually get into the hands of the buying public.  It boils down to ‘You Get What You Pay For’

AREAS MAILED:  All advertising companies have to select the carrier routes they mail to.  Don’t be fooled by someone that says they can’t give you a summary of how many addresses are mailed ‘per zip code’. This is information that is readily available to them.  For a summary of how many addresses The Van Dyke Quarterly mails ‘per zip code’ please see our circulation page (or click on this link: <->)

RATES: A rate that is ‘too good to be true’… should send off alarms!  Do your homework, get referrals from other advertisers that have used the company in question. Ask to see their 3602’s and a list of how many homes they mail per zip code. Make sure you’re getting the most for your advertising dollar!  And remember… it doesn’t do you any good if they mail 50,000 addresses, but only a handful of them are near your store.

PRICING: Don’t forget to do the math!  Sometimes a 1/4 page for $200 may seem like a great price, until you find out that you’re only mailing 5,000 addresses.  That’s 4¢ per address ($200 divided by 5,000)  With The Van Dyke Quarterly, a 1/4 page is just under $600 but since we mail 70,000 addresses that brings your price per home under 1¢ per address.  So DO THE MATH… make sure you’re getting the most out of your advertising dollars.


Does the size and quality of the paper you use make it more expensive?

 Yes and No…  It does make it more expensive to produce, but since we cut costs by mailing to one large zone and keeping our costs down in other areas, we are able to keep our prices to the business owner down. When you do the math you’ll see that our price-per-address is better than  products that are smaller and have that ‘junk mail’ feel.


Why do you mail to such a large zone since other advertisers seem to mail to only 10,000 or 25,000 homes?

We originally mailed to zones of 15,000 each. Over the years we found that most of our customers wanted to place their ad in more than one area. In 2002 we decided to combine all our areas into one large mail zone of 70,000 addresses. We found that we were able to save our clients a substantial amount by doing this.

 Do you mail in other cities?
 The Van Dyke Quarterly mails in Macomb County (see circulation for more information) but we do have affiliate publishers that mail to several zones in Oakland County. If you’re interested in other areas we would be happy to assist you in this regard.


Why do you limit categories?

 We decided early on that limiting categories was best for our customers. Many direct mail companies place several (sometimes up to 8 or 10) of the same businesses in one mailing. We feel that this only makes money for the direct mail company… the business owner never benefits by having 7 or 8 of his competitors in the same product.
I see one bike shop but several restaurants… how do you decide which category is limited?
 That’s a great question, and one that changes depending on the type of business and location. For example: we feel the magazine could afford to have 2 dry cleaners if they were on opposite sides of our mail zone.  If a specialty business  has a full page ad we may decide to limit that category to only one per mailing. As far as restaurants are concerned… there are no limits.  Since consumers eat out often, we welcome as many restaurants as possible.

Can I get on a waiting list if my category is filled?

 In a word… YES!


I noticed that most of the businesses are local, why don’t you put in national ads?

 The Van Dyke Quarterly specializes in local ‘home-town’ businesses.  Our goal is to boost business for the ‘Mom & Pop’ stores that are an invaluable part of the community. In these challenging economic times, we feel that the ‘big guys’ can take care of themselves. We’re here to help the local businesses.
 It seems as if many of the ads are from the same businesses over and over, why is that?

For a couple of reasons. #1) The business wants to keep their category  #2) Most business owners won’t waste their advertising dollar on something that doesn’t work… so it’s obvious that this must be working for them.


How do your prices compare to similar products?

This is where you need to do the math. One of the reasons we don’t publish our prices on the website is because sometimes it’s easier for us to help you see how our prices are less than others based on a ‘per address’ figure. You’ll be surprised when you ‘do the math’ —-  You can advertise in The Van Dyke Quarterly for less than 1/2¢ per address. That’s a figure that’s hard to beat!


I don’t have artwork… is that a problem?

Absolutely not!  Artwork is included at no additional charge.  You just need to decide what you want to advertise and we’ll help you from there.


I want to place an ad… what should I do?

Give us a call at 248.652.7050 or fill out the form in the ‘contact’ section.  We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss your advertising needs.